Master of Pastoral Studies

Emmanuel College possesses a responsibility to ensure all PCE courses meet with Ministry of Ontario’s educational requirements, with respect to tuition and fees, and that they also meet CASC accreditation requirements. All PCE programs, both due to our affiliation with the U of T and the requirements of our MPS program, are currently under review. If a student chooses to enrol independently in a PCE course during the 2017-2018 academic year, that student’s courses in PCE cannot currently (2017-2018) be applied towards the student’s degree program at Emmanuel College.

The Master of Pastoral Studies (MPS) is a twenty-credit program that allows students to specialize in one of the following three streams:

Religious Focus Areas: In the Spiritual Care stream, [please refer to pages 14-17 of the EC Student Handbook] students may choose focus areas in Buddhism, Christianity, or Islam; in the Social Service stream, [please refer to pages 22-24 of the EC Student Handbook] students may choose focus areas in Christianity or Islam; the Worship and Preaching stream [Please refer to pages 25-26 of the EC Student Handbook] focuses on Christianity (see detailed course requirements below). Accommodations may be made for persons of other religious faiths, and affiliation with a specific religious tradition is not required in order to study in that focus area.

Learning Outcomes
Upon the completion of the MPS, graduates will:

Religious Faith and Heritage

Culture and Context

Spiritual/Vocational Formation

Practices of Area of Specialization

Future Students