Letter of Permission Applications

A Letter of Permission (LOP) student  is someone who is registered in a degree program outside of the Toronto School of Theology who has been permitted to take courses at a TST college. LOP students are also known as external students or visiting students. Applicants must apply directly to the college that offers the course they hope to take.

Prior to completing the application to Emmanuel College, the student must obtain a Letter of Permission from her or his school, faculty, or department, as the case may be, to take the course(s) in question towards their degree.

Regulations for Letter of Permission students:

  1. are subject to the same course and administrative procedures, deadlines and regulations as degree students;
  2. if information included with the application is false or misleadingly incomplete, registration may be revoked retroactively and academic penalties assigned.
  3. are welcome to participate in college worship and also enjoy certain privileges extended by the Emmanuel College Student Society;
  4. the application from an LOP applicant will not be reviewed until all elements (letter of permission, application fee and online application) have been received;
  5. should submit their application at least one month before the start of  classes.

Application Requirements and Procedures

  1. Arrange for a letter of permission to be sent directly to the Office of Admissions at Emmanuel College from the home educational institution.
  2. Pay the $50.00 CAD application fee. A cheque payable to Emmanuel College can be sent to the Office of Admissions at Emmanuel College.
  3. Complete the online application
The Letter of Permission and the $50.00 CAD application fee can be sent to:

Office of Admissions
Emmanuel College
75 Queen's Park Crescent
Toronto, ON M5S 1K7

For more information
Admissions Counsellor, Emmanuel College -  Leanne O'Neil
leanne.oneil@utoronto.ca  416-585-4464

Registrar, Emmanuel College - Erin McMichael
emmanuel.registrar@utoronto.ca  416-585-4538

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