Admission Requirements

for MDiv, MTS, MPS, Diploma and Special Student Status

Applications for admission to Emmanuel College at the basic degree level are assessed according to academic and other criteria. The academic criteria are set out below under “Preparatory Requirement”. The other criteria are the personal characteristics and interpersonal skills required to function effectively in the educational environment of this institution.

Emmanuel College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto is accredited with the Association of Theological Schools, is a theological college of The United Church of Canada, and reflects its theological tradition. We welcome students from other denominations and faiths, and all applicants are assessed on the basis of personal ability, without regard to race, sex, age or sexual orientation.

Much of our instruction requires group discussion, and students are frequently required to work in teams. Willingness to work with and learn from peers; flexibility of mind and attitude; skill in resolving conflict and in reconciling differing priorities are among the characteristics sought. In order to thrive, students should possess a medium-high level of computer literacy, including, but not limited to: familiarity with a word processing program (for example, MS Word), Email and navigating the Internet. Those admitted should be prepared to work with, and learn from, peers preparing for ordered and lay ministry, and who come from diverse ethnic, racial, social, religious/spiritual and cultural backgrounds. It is expected that the applicant’s personal statement and letters of reference will give ample evidence of these characteristics and abilities. An interview, requested by the College, may be required for further clarification.

Upon making offers of admission to its programs, Emmanuel College will ask applicants to indicate in writing whether they accept, decline or defer for one year the College’s offer of admission. If, after a deferral of one year, an applicant seeks a further deferral, Emmanuel College may require updated versions of some or all of the application materials and an application fee.


Entrance to Emmanuel’s MDiv, MPS, MTS or MSMus, or Diploma in Buddhist Mindfulness and Mental Health, or as a Non-Degree Basic student requires a four-year baccalaureate, or equivalent degree from a university recognized by the University of Toronto.

For applicants who hold an international degree, you may be asked to have an educational credential assessment at one of the "designated" organizations:

In some cases, an undergraduate degree from a Pontifical university or from a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities may be accepted.

For applicants to the Master of Sacred Music program, the expectation is that the candidate will perform minimally at the level of a third-year university music program.

A minimum average of 70%, or a CGPA of 2.70, is normally required.

In exceptional cases, Emmanuel College may admit to its MDiv program an applicant without a baccalaureate degree or its educational equivalent if evidence of academic ability is demonstrated. In such cases Emmanuel College Admissions Committee will look for the following:
• An official transcript indicating completion of the equivalent of at least one year's full-time study in Arts and Sciences from an accredited institution or equivalent institution (as assessed by the Admissions and Procedures Committee of the Toronto School of Theology) normally taken within 2 years prior to the application and with a minimum CGPA of 70%
• A dossier that includes a statement of why the applicant would like to be considered for admission along with other evidence of how life and learning experience has helped prepare the applicant for theological study at the graduate level. (Formal written approval of an applicant by the United Church of Canada or other religious body for a "shorter course" program leading to professional ministry will be considered as evidence in meeting this requirement.)

Such students will be admitted to the degree program conditional on completing a specified number of course credits with a minimum grade of 70% in each (at least ten course credits if applying for the MDiv program). The number of such non-baccalaureate students registered at Emmanuel College in the MDiv program may not exceed fifteen percent of the enrollment.

English Language Competency

Emmanuel College wishes to ensure that all students have sufficient written and spoken English language skills to enable them to function in a classroom setting. Therefore, applicants whose first language is not English will be required to demonstrate their English language ability by taking one of the following tests and achieving the stated minimum result. Test results that are older than two years at the time of application cannot be accepted.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): if the test is taken in paper format, overall 580 and 5 in Test of Written English; if the test is taken in the computer-based format, overall 237 and 5 in essay writing; if the test is taken in internet format, 93 overall and at least 22 in each of the speaking and writing sections. The TOEFL institutional code used by Emmanuel College is that of the University of Toronto: 0982.
International ESL-Academic Preparation Level 60 (Advanced) offered by the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto. Required score: B.
International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Required score: 7.0.

The minimum required TOEFL and TWE scores do not provide assurance of the ability to undertake theological studies at Emmanuel. The College reserves the right, therefore, to interview applicants from abroad upon their arrival in Toronto.

Future Students