Section 4: Personal Interview & Audition


Admission into the MSMus program requires both audition and interview. Both of these will be scheduled through the Admissions Office.

The audition will be adjudicated by the Director (or designate), Faculty of Music liaison officer (or proxy) and an instructor skilled in the arts of the medium selected. The candidate should prepare 30 minutes of music, demonstrating breadth and depth of repertoire; it is likely that the entirety of every piece may not be heard. The expectation is that the candidate will perform minimally at the level of a third-year Bachelor of Music undergraduate of the University of Toronto (comparable to, or above, the RCM Grade 10 repertoire requirements).

For long-distance application, as well as choral conducting track applicants, arrangements should be made to submit a digital recording (DVD) directly to the Admissions Office. Documentation needs to accompany this digital media certifying the authenticity of the recording has been made solely by the applicant in one continuous taping session established by auto date and time stamp.

The interview component is focused on understanding the applicant's vocational aptitude and aspiration. Applicant should be prepared to speak about their musical background, spiritual experiences and life's journey as related to their intention to undertake this course of studies. Adjudicators will communicate expectations of persons accepted into the program and respond to questions about the MSMus program.

For more information, contact the Director of the Master of Sacred Music program.

Future Students