Admittands to the United Church of Canada

Education and Faith FormationInformation for ministers seeking admission to the Order of Ministry in The United Church of Canada can be found here:

UCC Handbook of Procedures for Ministers Called To Serve in the United Church of Canada


Below is the list of Emmanuel College courses that will fulfill the United Church of Canada's educational competencies. They may not be offered every academic year. Please refer to Emmanuel College's current course offerings at 

UCC Required Course Emmanuel Equivalent
Christian Education 


Education and Faith Formation

UCC History

EMH 3570HS

UCC History

UCC Polity


Ministry of Governance and Administration

UCC Theology


Confessing our Faith

Worship & Sacraments


Worship I



How To Apply as an Admittand

  1. Arrange to have a letter from the United Church of Canada Human Resources Unit and/or presbytery sent to the Emmanuel College Registrar that details which courses you are required to take and whether they should be audited or taken for credit.
  2. If you are required to take the course(s) for credit you will need to apply as a Special Status Student - Application Procedures for Special Student Status
  3. If you are allowed to audit the course(s), you will need to complete an Admittand Audit Form


Admittand FAQs

1. How much will it cost?

That depends on if you are taking the course as an Auditor or Special Status Student. An Auditor pays $300.00 CAD per audited course and is not charged student fees. A Special Status Student is taking the course for credit and therefore is charged regular tuition and student fees - see the Basic Degree Fee Schedule.

2. Is funding available from Emmanuel College?

There is no funding available to auditors.  

3. Will I have a faculty advisor?

Yes, you will be assigned a faculty advisor to help with the selection of your courses.

4. Are any of the courses available online or at distance locations?

Emmanuel does not have courses available online or at satellite campuses. Our courses are offered during daytime and evening hours. The standard duration of a course is 12 weeks.

5. Why are the course descriptions housed on the Toronto School of Theology website?

Emmanuel College is a member of the Toronto School of Theology which is a consortium of seven theological colleges in the University of Toronto. The TST website houses the comprehensive database of all course offerings at TST colleges. Course codes that begin with "EM" identify an Emmanuel College course.

6. Contact information for Admittands in the United Church of Canada:

Abiel Khalema, Program Coordinator, Ministry Personnel Programs and Resources for the Ministry Employment Unit, United Church of Canada  416-231-7680 Ext. 3142

7. Can I participate in Emmanuel College's community life?

Admittands are warmly welcomed to be part of the community and worship life at Emmanuel College.



Future Students