Matt Boudta

Master of Sacred Music Program

When did you become a student in the Master of Sacred Music Program at Emmanuel College?
I applied for the Master’s degree the moment I finished my undergraduate degree in music at the Faculty of Music right across the street from Emmanuel College.

How did you become aware of the program?
I heard about the program when I was working as a music director at St. Paul’s United Church while finishing up my undergraduate degree. The church had strongly encouraged I look into the Sacred Music program. I was lucky to know about the program after hearing it was the only program in the country that focused on sacred music.

What are your musical interests? What are you currently studying?
I have a strong interest in choral conducting and organ, as well as using the voice! I am currently taking Choral Conducting, private organ lessons, singing with the MacMillan Singers, on the Worship team, and taking Songs of the Church class.

What influence has the program had on your life and education?
This program has helped provide the necessary practical aspects as well as the connections and experience necessary as a church musician. It has also provided an interest into academics and research in congregational song as well!

How has the program changed you?
It has deepened my faith as a Christian and it has opened me to the inclusive and interfaith community that Emmanuel thrives in!

What does Emmanuel College mean to you?
If I were to sum up Emmanuel College in one word, it would be community!

Where do you hope your degree will take you?
I hope to let it enrich the congregations with music that I provide, as well as act as a stepping- stone to further my academic studies to a possible PhD!

Do you have any mentors at Emmanuel College?
I am happy to say that I have many mentors that have helped/guided me through my education! These have included professors Lori Dollof, Swee Hong Lim, Patricia Wright, Tom Reynolds, and Bill Kervin to name a few.

What advice would you have to people considering coming to Emmanuel College to study in the MSMus program?
Come with an open mind to learn and be enriched through pastoral and theological studies, which makes Emmanuel College a unique place for those with a music background.

Is there anything else we should know about you?
I consider myself as a Laotian-Canadian Mennonite who is currently sharing his musical gifts with Anglican and United Churches! I am interested in Laotian Mennonite Hymnody in the Canadian context.

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