Community Lunch and 2018 March Colloquium

Event date: Wednesday, March 07, 2018, from 12:15 PM to 3:30 PM
Location: EC Chapel

This event is not open to the general public.

Colloquia at Emmanuel College serve to further the curricular objectives of Basic Degree programs. Their purpose is to provide a community-wide educational event that (1) brings together students from different degree programs and different stages of those degree programs in order to (2) advance learning in materials either supplementing or unable to be covered ordinarily through individual course offerings. Colloquia may consist of individual speakers, panel presentations, or other mediums of learning.

Colloquia are scheduled twice during the academic year, once during the Fall and Winter terms, and are to replace worship service on a particular Wednesday (1:30-2:45 pm).  Attendance is required at one colloquium for every 10 courses taken by all BD students. (Lay Certificate students must attend one colloquium as part of their program.)  The colloquium is normally held on the first Wednesday of November and March.

 Colloquium for Emmanuel College Students only March 7 2018


Viewing a documentary (49 min.) that explores the wounds inflicted through the Indian Residential School System and Colonization, as well as the journey of Healing, Transformation, and Reconciliation. (Created by the Blue Quills First Nations College).

Discussion & Circle will follow the screening with Andrew Wesley, Elder in Residence at First Nations House, Maggie Dieter, Director of Aboriginal Ministries Circle, and Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo, Director of Indigenous Initiatives

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