Community Lunch and Colloquium

Event date: Wednesday, November 07, 2018, from 12:15 PM to 2:45 PM
Location: EM119

Faith and Public Engagement

Very Rev. Honourable Lois Wilson


·         Rev. Alexa Gilmour (minister, Windermere United)

·         Rabbi Michael Satz (Associate Rabbi, Holy Blossom Temple)

·         Rabia Khedr (Human Rights Commissioner, Ontario; and founder of Canadian Association of Muslims with Disabilities)

·         Dr. Kofi Hope (Senior Policy Advisor Wellesley Institute; Strategic Consultant and Visiting Scholar at University of Toronto)


This colloquium addresses ways that faith and spiritual orientation engages public life, especially social issues and policies.  It addresses questions like:  What role does religion play in public life?  How does religion contribute to the process of negotiating social agendas, especially regarding public policies and the work of justice?  How does public policy shape religious groups?


  • Increase understanding of the nature of public engagement and consider examples of how religious persons and communities have been and can be involved in shaping Canadian society
  • recognize how core civic participation shapes who we are and what we do, i.e., one’s character, values, conscience (which disposes us to be committed to public concerns, for better or worse) and thus cultivate interest in why people of faith need to be active in public life, and why.
  • articulate how religious faith and spiritual orientation involves manifold engagements, i.e. where we live as engaged citizens of complex identities in overlapping communities in ways that can contribute to public life

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