Lunar New Year Lunch

Event date: Wednesday, February 06, 2019, from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
Location: EM119

Thanks to Emmanuel College Co-Chair of the Committee on Asian/North American Asian Theologies (CANAAT), the Rev. Dr. Wenh-In Ng, for the following Lunar New Year Greetings! 
Happy Lunar Year on this first day of the Year of the Pig (or Boar). To keep your whole year happy, healthy, and prosperous, remember to:
- Wear something red and something new;
- Say only auspicious things, and do not quarrel with anyone;
- Do not sweep your floor or empty your garbage (you should have done it by New Year's Eve), as that signifies wealth.

Traditionally, New Year festivities conclude with the celebration of the first full moon, Yuan Xiao. The seventh day is observed as the day/birthday of humanity, Ren Ri. So, Happy Birthday on February 11 this year, everyone.