Midday Prayer

Event date: Thursday, October 19, 2017, from 1:30 PM to 1:45 PM
Location: EC Chapel

Tuesday and Thursday services of Midday Prayerare an opportunity to gather as a community for meaningful worship inthe midst of the day’s work, and for those leading to become familiarand comfortable with this form of leadership. These services are basedon the liturgical tradition of Daily Prayer. These services are notintended to be simply an abbreviated version of a Sunday worshipservice. Sunday worship is rooted in the traditions of Word and Table –preaching and sacrament (Eucharist), while Daily Prayer is rooted in the contemplative traditions of the Daily Office, emphasizing prayer,psalmody, readings and silence. Emmanuel’s Christian services of MiddayPrayer are intended to be simple, brief services (of no more than 15minutes) for prayer, music, scripture and reflection. It is important toincorporate moments of silence into the service. While these servicesare intended to offer participants a time of pause for reflection andprayer, connection and worship, they are also an opportunity for thoseso interested to exercise creativity and employ approaches which may benew or different in a safe environment.

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