Petition for Extensions/Coursework Extensions Due

Event date: Tuesday, April 10, 2018, from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

All term work is due by the dates established by course instructors andannounced at the beginning of the course. Students who, for good reason,cannot complete course work by the established deadlines must petition forextensions using the standard extension form which is located outside on thestand by the main office.

The petition form must be signed by both thestudent and the instructor/s of the course/s for which the extension isrequired and submitted to the Emmanuel College Registrar by April 10 at 12:00 noon. 

Please use a single form to petition for all extensions required (there isroom on the form to accommodate up to five requests). If your petition for anextension requires the support of a medical certificate, you mustuse the standard University of Toronto Verificationof Student Illness or Injury form (see attached). Othermedical certificate forms and doctors notes are not acceptable.

The requirement to petition for extensions applies to all courses – thosegiven by Emmanuel College and those given by other TST Colleges. A late gradecannot be recorded unless there is an approved petition form on file.

The reason for requesting an extension must be provided. Serious illness or adeath in the immediate family is normally the only acceptable reasons forrequesting extensions. If you have family responsibilities or a pastoralcharge, if English is your second language, or if you have other lifecircumstances that may affect your academic work, you are expected to manageyour academic work accordingly. In the event that the initial extension provesinsufficient as granted, the Basic Degree Committee will receive one subsequentapplication for extension, and guided by the standards of the Toronto School ofTheology, will weigh the merits of the case including reasons for prolonging theextension, teaching load of the instructor (permanent staff or adjunct),integrity of the student’s program, and integrity of the College’s supportsystems.

When such an extension has been granted, the temporary non-grade course reportSDF (“standing deferred”) is assigned. If the student completes courseworkbefore the new deadline approved by the professor and the student’s college,the grade SDF will be changed to a letter and number grade. If the student doesnot complete the work by the deadline set by the professor, and no furtherextension is granted, the professor will assign and submit a final grade(numerical or letter, including FZ) or, if the
student successfully petitions for one, a permanent incomplete (INC).

Please note that to beeligible for in-course scholarships, all course work must be submitted by April13.

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