Emmanuel Days

Location: Emmanuel College, Room 119

Moderator: Jesse Wente
Jesse Wente is the Head of Film Programmes at TIFF Bell Lightbox. His responsibilities include film scheduling, programming new releases and overseeing series and TIFF Cinematheque programming. Some of his contributions to programming since the opening of TIFF Bell Lightbox in September 2010 include retrospectives on Roman Polanski, Bernardo Bertolucci, Ousmane Sembène and Studio Ghibli. The landmark film programme “First Peoples Cinema: 1500 Nations, One Tradition” and its accompanying gallery exhibition “Home on Native Land”, opened in Summer of 2012. Jesse spent a decade as the film critic on CBC’s Metro Morning and has been a regular guest on “Q”, CBC Radio’s national arts and culture show and on TVO’s “Saturday Night at the Movies”.

Panelist: Erin Green
Erin Green Emm 0T7, is a PhD candidate at Emmanuel College. Her dissertation research focuses on the impact of the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence on theological anthropology and gives particular attention to issues related to human uniqueness and embodiment. She holds a Master of Divinity from Emmanuel, a Master of Arts from University of St. Michael's College, and a Bachelor of Science from Mount Allison University. Erin will serve on the panel on Wednesday’s programme.

Panelist: Neil Young
Neil Young Emm 8T6, was born the year the first mammals (mice) were grown from embryos developed in vitro and transferred to a surrogate mother. He has never been abducted by aliens, but has talked to a church-member who has been. He has no implants of any kind in his body (that he knows-of). One of his young daughters likes ‘The Walking Dead’, another was quite taken indeed with ‘The Twilight Series’—he wonders what this all might mean. Only one member of his current congregation has played a zombie in a film. All this to say that he finds that all the issues to be addressed in this program are extant and current in the life of the local congregation. Neil will serve on the panel in Wednesday’s programme.

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