Néstor Medina

Nestor Medina

Assistant Professor of Religious Ethics and Culture

BRE Tyndale University College
MTS Tyndale University College / Wycliffe College
MA St. Michael's College, University of Toronto
PhD (Interdisciplinary Studies) St. Michael's College, University of Toronto


Office: Room 210
Tel.: (416) 585-4537
Fax: (416) 585-4516
Email: netto.medina@utoronto.ca

Néstor Medina is a Guatemalan-Canadian Scholar and Assistant Professor of Religious Ethics and Culture.  He studies the intersections between people's cultures, histories, ethnoracial relations, and forms of knowledge in religious and theological traditions.  Among his research interests are contextual and liberation discourses, interculturality, Post and Decolonial debates, and Pentecostalism in the Americas.  He was the recipient of a First Book Grant for Minority Scholars (2014) and a Project Grant for Researchers (2018).  He is currently working on the ethnoracial relations during colonial Latin America and the influence of religion in those relations.

Néstor has an extensive experience in teaching in a variety of cultural contexts and settings.  He has taught for:  Atlantic School of Theology, Brite Divinity School, Regent Universtiy, and Conrad Grebel University College.  For the last 12 years, Néstor has participated with the United Church as a part of the People in Partnership program by going to Cuba and teaching at the Seminario Evangélico de Teología (SET).

Besides teaching and researching, he enjoys good food from different cultural backgrounds.

Selected Publications

Néstor is the author of Christianity, Empire and the Spirit (Brill 2018), On the Doctrine of Discovery (CCC, 2017), a booklet, and Mestizaje:   (Re)Mapping "Race," Culture, and Faith in Latina/o Catholicism (Orbis, 2009), which was the winner of the 2012 Hispanic Theological Initiative book award.  He is co-editor of Reading in Between (with Alison Hari-Singh and HyeRan Kim-Cragg); Pentecostals and Charismatics in Latin America and Latino Communities (with Sammy Alfaro); and Theology and the Crisis of Engagement (with Jeff  Nowers).

Selected Articles and Book Chapters

"Indigenous Acts of Decolonization:  Canada and Guatemala's Truth and Reconciliation Commissions."  In Decolonial Christianities:  Latinx and Latin American Perspectives, edited by Raimundo Barretto and Roberto Sirvent.  New York:  Palgrave Macmillan, 2019.

"Abya Yala, Aztlán, la Isla de la Tortuga, o Weesakajack."  In Decoloniality and Justice:  Theological Perspectives, edited by Jean-François Roussell, 35-41.  São Leopoldo, Brazil:  Oikos; World Forum of Theology and Liberation, 2018.

"A Decolonial Primer."  Toronto Journal of Theology  33, no. 2 (2017): 279-287.

"Cosmopolitanism:  A Look from Its Exteriority."  Perspectivas 14 (2017): 126-139.

"Trangressing Theological Shibboleths: Culture as Locus of Divine (Pneumatological) Activity."  PNEUMA 36 no. 3 (December 2014): 1.15.

"Tongue Twisters and Shibboleths: On Decolonial Gestures in Latin@Theology."  Journal of Hispanic/Latina/o Theology  18, no. 2 (June 2013): 3-19.


Canadian Theological Society
American Academy of Religion
International Academy of Practical Theology
Society for Pentecostal Studies

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