Thomas E. Reynolds

Tom Reynolds

Director of Graduate Studies
Director of Master of Divinity
Director of Master of Theological Studies
Associate Professor of Theology

B.A., Taylor University, Upland, IN, 1985
M.T.S., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, 2001

Office: Room 211
Tel.: (416) 585-4544
Fax: (416) 585-4516

Teaching & Research Interests

Tom joined the Emmanuel College faculty in 2007. He previously taught in the Religious Studies department at St. Norbert College (De Pere, WI). Committed to an interdisciplinary and relational vision of theology, his teaching and research address a range of topics related to constructive theology (particularly the doctrine of God and theological anthropology), theological method, intercultural and interfaith engagements, contextual theologies and globalization, philosophical theology, disability studies, and the thought and influence of Friedrich Schleiermacher.

He is currently working on a monograph entitled, Remembering Ourselves Differently: Theology in a Pluralist and Global Era, which explores the way memory, tradition, and the witness of faith are transformed in pluralistic and globalizing contexts.

Tom enjoys spending time with his family, playing jazz piano, listening to music of all kinds, biking, exercise, and nature in whatever way possible. Music runs deep in his life: while finishing his graduate degree he played music professionally in Nashville, TN.

Currently Teaching

EMT 3451: Mission and Religious Pluralism

EMT 1102: Introduction to Theology I

EMT 5605: Theological Method and Hermeneutics

EMT 3542/6542: 20th Century Protestant Theology

Other Courses:

EMT 3600/6600: Engaging Aboriginal Theologies

Selected Publications


Vulnerable Communion: A Theology of Disability and Hospitality (Brazos Press, 2008).

The Broken Whole: Philosophical Steps Toward a Theology of Global Solidarity (SUNY Press, 2006)

Journal Articles:

"Toward a Wider Hospitality: Rethinking Love of Neighbour in Religions of the Book," Irish Theological Quarterly, 75/2 (2010)

"Beyond Secularism: Rethinking the Secular in a Religiously Plural Context," Toronto Journal of Theology, 25/2 (2009)

“Jazz Spirituality: Human Transformation in a Musical Key,” Touchstone (May 2009)

“Beyond Violence in Monotheism: Interfaith Possibilities in René Girard's Theory of Mimetic Rivalry,” Studies in Interreligious Dialogue, 19/1 (2009)

“A Rooted Openness: Hospitality as Christian ‘Conversion to the Other,’” The Ecumenist, 46/2 (Spring 2009)

“Muslim-Christian Relations and the Challenge of Islamism,” Interreligious Insight (January 2008): 6/1.

“Improvising Together from our Differences: Christian Solidarity and Hospitality as Jazz Performance,” The Journal of Ecumenical Studies (Winter 2008): 43/1.

“Vulnerable Humanity: Disability and Community Beyond ‘Normalcy’,” Faith Seeking Understanding, Journal of Vocation (Summer 2007), published by Hastings College.

“Welcoming Without Reserve? A Case in Christian Hospitality,” Theology Today (July 2006): 63/2.

“Love Without Boundaries: Theological Reflections on Parenting a Child with Disabilities, Theology Today (July 2005): 62/2.

“Rethinking Schleiermacher and the Problem of Religious Diversity: Toward a Dialectical Pluralism,” Journal of the American Academy of Religion (March 2005): 73/1.

“Toward the Other: Christianity and Buddhism on Desire,” The Journal of Ecumenical Studies (Summer-Fall 2002): 39/3-4.

“Religion Within the Limits of History: Schleiermacher and the Study of Religion--A Reappraisal,” Religion (January 2002): 32.

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