Natalie Wigg-Stevenson

Natalie Wigg-Stevenson 

Director of Contextual Education
Professor of Contextual Education and Theology  (on leave to January 2020)

B.A., Art History and Religious Studies, McMaster University (2002)

M.Div., Yale Divinity School (2005)
M.A., Theological Studies, Vanderbilt University (2010)
Ph.D., Theological Studies, Vanderbilt University (2011)


Office: Room 201
Tel.: (416) 585-4548
Fax: (416) 585-4516

Natalie Wigg-Stevenson teaches Contextual Education and Theology at Emmanuel College.  Her research explores how ethnographic methods can help create theological conversations across church, academy and everyday life.  She is also interested in feminist and queer theologies, cultural theories of practice and practices of decolonizing higher education.  Natalie co-chairs the Ecclesial Practices unit at the American Academy of Religion, a group dedicated to furthering research at the intersection of ethnography and theology.  She is also on the editorial board of the journal Ecclesial Practices.

Currently on research leave, Natalie has two major projects on the go.  The first is a book that draws on the historical Christian traditions, fieldwork in a Baptist congregation, feminist, queer and indecent theologies, and autoethnographic narratives to articulate a new genre for academic theology as performance art.  The second combines a research and pedagogical agenda, as she is visiting with institutions that have either established or are experimenting with multi - and inter-religious approaches to theological education in order to help inform the work happening in that area at Emmanuel College.

When not engaged with all things academically theological, she enjoys hiking, reading novels, doing yoga, cooking, watching movies and having impromptu dance parties with her husband (Tyler) and three wild and wonderful daughters (Georgia, Heloise, and Evensong).

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