Emmanuel College launches new Muslim Studies degree program

Emmanuel College is now accepting applications for its Master of Pastoral Studies: Muslim Studies (MPS), a twenty-credit program that allows students to specialize in one of two areas: Muslim Studies: Social Service or Muslim Studies: Spiritual Care. Students may register in the program on a part-time basis and may take up to eight years to complete it.

The Muslim Studies: Spiritual Care stream is a professional master’s program that prepares graduates to be certified with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care as persons who provide pastoral counselling and/or spiritual care (public chaplaincy) in hospitals, educational institutions, prisons, congregations and the armed forces.

The Muslim Studies: Social Service stream is a non-professional degree and is usually pursued for personal enrichment. Graduates of this stream may be leaders in spiritual or cultural communities or pursue careers in social service and community-based agencies and organizations.

The Muslim Studies Program is an initiative that stems from Emmanuel College’s goal to foster dialogue between Muslims and Christians, and others within the larger community. Emmanuel College is both an educational and spiritual resource for Muslim Students and Muslim communities. Providing a climate of communication within which one can encounter different perspectives, the Muslim Studies Program strives to meet the changing needs of the growing Muslim population in Canada.

Click here for information about the Master of Pastoral Studies: Muslim Studies program.

Click here for information about how to apply to the Master of Pastoral Studies: Muslim Studies.

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