Emmanuel Writes


Emmanuel Writes photo2 Faculty and students gathered on February 9, 2011 to celebrate the publishing of members of the faculty and advanced degree students over the last 3 years.  Items displayed included manuscripts currently in production, such as Professor Johanna  Selles'
The World Student Christian Federation, 1895-1925: Motives, Methods and Influential Women ; books nominated for awards, such as Vulnerable Communion, by Professor Tom Reynolds, one of the six finalists for the Michael Ramsey prize of the Anglican Church and resources heavily in use by the United Church, such as Singing a Song of Faith , edited by Advanced Degree Student Nancy Hardy and Our Words of Faith, Cherished, Honoured and Living - A Resource Document prepared for the remit concerning the Doctrine section of the Basis of Union of the United Church of Canada, February 2, 2010 and co-authored by Professor Michael Bourgeois. 
This is a small reflection of the diverse and engaging materials gathered that day as a tribute to the intellectual contribution made by students and faculty in the church and the academy.

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