Emmanuel welcomes Dr. Aruna Gnanadason

Emmanuel College welcomes Dr. Aruna Gnanadason as The Anne Duncan Gray Visiting Scholar September through December 2012. Dr. Gnanadason was initially recommended for this appointment by a United Church global partner, the Asian Women's Resource Centre for Culture and Theology*. She will be hosted by Emmanuel College, Victoria University at the University of Toronto and will be joined by her husband Jonathan for a month of her time in Canada. A summary of the Anne Duncan Gray Visiting Scholar Program is below.

Dr. Gnanadason, a member of the Church of South India, is a theologian, ecumenist, feminist and activist. She holds a Doctor of Ministries from the San Francisco Theological Seminary in Eco-feminist Theologies (2004). She has served the ecumenical movement in a variety of capacities, including nearly 20 years at the World Council of Churches (Executive Director for Planning and Integration, 2006-2009, Coordinator, Team on Justice, Peace and Creation, WCC, 1999-2005, and Director/Coordinator, Women’s Programme, 1991-2005). Prior to this international service, Dr. Gnanadason gave leadership in the position of Executive Secretary of the All India Council of Christian Women, National Council of Churches in India (1982-1990).

Now resident in Chennai, India, Dr. Gnanadason continues her engagement as a consultant, editor, speaker, and lecturer on a variety of topics: feminist theologies and the struggles of Asian/Dalit/Indigenous women, challenges to the ecumenical movement, and north/south questions of poverty and wealth, and eco-feminist theology. She has particular interest and commitment to working with churches as they reflect on their mission in the world today. She has authored two books and published numerous papers in periodicals, journals and books.

While in Canada for her own research, Dr. Gnanadason is a guest and resource person to the broader church. Her time here will include opportunities for mutual learning, in formal and informal settings - as a participant or resource person in selected United Church or ecumenical events. She will be available to participate in a wide variety of events within Canada while she is here. The United Church-General Council Partners in Mission Unit will coordinate any suggested engagements in consultation with Emmanuel College and the Scholar.

Emmanuel College and the United Church of Canada look forward to welcoming Dr. Gnanadason in early September 2012.

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