Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo Emm 1T1 has accepted the position of Assistant Professor

Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo photo 

Emmanuel College and Victoria University are pleased to announce that Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo Emm 1T1, previously Director of Indigenous Initiatives at the University of Toronto, will be joining the University as Assistant Professor in Theology at Emmanuel College and June Callwood Professor in Social Justice at Victoria College. In addition, he will also serve as Special Advisor to the President of Victoria University on Indigenous issues.

“We are thrilled that Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo will be joining the Vic community,”  says President William Robins. “At both Victoria College and Emmanuel College, the experience of our students, faculty, and staff will benefit from his talents as a teacher and from his deep commitment to issues of equity and reconciliation.”

Hamilton-Diabo has a long-standing history of leadership in Indigenous education and community-building at the University of Toronto as a staff member, student and educator. He co-taught “Engaging Aboriginal Theologies” with Tom Reynolds, vice-principal of Emmanuel College, and he will continue to contribute to courses that will equip theological students to be responsive religious leaders in the contemporary Canadian context. It is because of this experience and his extensive relationships across U of T’s three campuses that he was selected to co-chair its Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Steering Committee in 2016. Hamilton-Diabo deftly led a diverse group of faculty, students, and staff in creating a series of calls to action to the University in its efforts to address the continuing barriers faced by Indigenous members of our community, including enrolment. At Victoria College, he will lead a new Capstone course in Community-Engaged Research, and he will help to develop Indigenous content in both Victoria and Emmanuel Colleges’ curricula.

In light of his success as director of Aboriginal student services at First Nations House from 2003 to 2017, and as co-chair of the TRC Steering Committee, Hamilton-Diabo was appointed to his most-recent position as director of Indigenous initiatives for the University of Toronto. Hamilton-Diabo has been an invaluable resource for U of T in this role, building the Office of Indigenous Initiatives and making progress on the calls to action so that reconciliation becomes part of the everyday fabric of life at U of T.
“I am really excited to be joining the Victoria University community,” says Hamilton-Diabo. “I look forward to engaging with the students, in and out of the classroom, and to work with my new colleagues at Victoria and Emmanuel Colleges. This is an exciting time to be joining Victoria University as it is highly committed to building relationships with Indigenous peoples and communities and also to enhance their presence throughout all aspects of the school. And I get to be part of that!”    

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