Newly appointed Timothy Eaton Memorial Church Professor in Preaching recipient of two awards

2019 03 HyeRan Kim-Cragg Photo

The United Church Foundation has awarded the Rowntree Scholarship to the Rev. Dr. HyeRan Kim-Cragg, the newly appointed Timothy Eaton Memorial Church Professor in Preaching at Emmanuel College, in support of her study, “Language Matters: Preaching and Intercultural Ministry in the United Church of Canada.”

The project aims to study preachers whose mother tongue is not English or who have an accent different from the Canadian norm and serve Anglo congregations, including ministers newly admitted to the UCC. This project will gather these marginalized preachers to share their experiences in the pulpit, name their challenges and lift up their unique gifts to the church. It will raise awareness of this intercultural and inter-lingual reality so that congregations and other bodies (Office of Vocation and other appropriate courts) might better appreciate and support these preachers in ways that are conducive to intercultural ministry.

Dr. Kim-Cragg looks forward to working with Emmanuel College graduate students as she pursues this important research. Congratulations, Dr. Kim-Cragg!


And a second round of congratulations to Dr. Kim-Cragg, who is the recipient of the 2018-19 Claremont Theology's School of Adjunct Faculty Award. Dr. Kim-Cragg’s citation letter mentions that “the students in our Doctor of Ministry in Korean Contexts for Practical Theology: Conflict, Healing and Change have benefitted from your teaching and mentoring during their program this year.”

“Given annually, the CST Adjunct Award recognizes an adjunct faculty member who demonstrates excellence in classroom teaching and mentoring students while showing the ability to respond to a diverse student body. Awardees also have comprehensive knowledge of their field, provide assignments that are relevant and effective, and show a genuine interest in students. CST Adjunct Award recipients demonstrate that they are accessible and engaged with students, showing personal care and interest in their work.”

One student nomination reads: "Students were moved by the professor's teaching, which came out of her sincere preparation of the lectures. Moreover, she helped us to gain a new perspective to see the issues within our lives today, beyond the boundary of studying at school."

Emmanuel College is thrilled that our students will be experiencing Dr. Kim-Cragg's exemplary teaching this coming fall and winter!

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