Recent Faculty Publications

Néstor Medina, Assistant Professor of Religious Ethics and Culture

HyeRan Kim-Cragg, Timothy Eaton Memorial Associate Professor of Preaching
Alison Hari-SinghReading
In-Between: How Minoritized Cultural Communities Interpret the Bible in Canada, Pickwick Publications (2019).  

Judith H. Newman, Professor of Religion and Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
Before the Bible: The Liturgical Body & the Formation of Scriptures in Early Judaism, Oxford University Press (2018).

Lim Swee Hong
, Director of Master of Sacred Music Program and Deer Park Associate Professor of Sacred Music

"Lessons from the Music of the Global South," The Yale ISM Review, Volume 4.2 (Fall 2018).

Michael Bourgeois
, Associate Professor of Theology
The Theology of the United Church of Canada, C. Schweitzer, R.C. Fennell and M. Bourgeois, eds., Wilfrid Laurier University Press (2019).

Michelle Voss Roberts, Principal and Professor of Theology
“Kenotic Gestures: Comparative Aesthetics and the Feminist Debate on Kenōsis,” Interreligious Studies and Intercultural Theology 3.1-2 (2019).

Pamela D. Couture, Jane and Geoffrey Martin Chair in Church and Community; Pamela McCarroll, Director of Master of Pastoral Studies and Master of Theological Studies; Nevin Reda, Assistant Professor of Muslim Studies
"Shifting, Reforming, Transforming Spaces for a Postcolonial, Interreligious Pedagogy," in Vol 1 (2019): Reforming Practical Theology: The Politics of Body and Space, A.Vähäkangas, S. Angel and K. H. Johansen, eds., International Academy of Practical Theology Conference Series.

Pamela R. McCarroll, Director of Master of Pastoral Studies and Master of Theological Studies, Associate Professor of Practical Theology
“Keeping It Real: Decolonizing Christian Inter-Religious Practice as an Exercise in a Practical Theology of the Cross,”
Religions 10.2 (2019).

William S. Kervin
, Associate Professor of Public Worship

“Dimensions of Worship in the Shema: Resources for Christian Liturgical Theology,” Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses 48.1 (March 2019): 115-137.

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