Review of the Office of the Dean of Students


TO:           Members of the Victoria University Community
FROM:    William Robins, President
RE:           Review of the Office of the Office of the Dean of Students
      January 7, 2019

A review of the Dean of Student’s Office is mandated by the Board of Regents and is to take place approximately every five years.  In accordance with the by-laws, the President has asked Prof. Andrea Levinson, Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Health & Wellness, University of Toronto, Prof. Joseph Desloges, Principal, Woodsworth College, and Mary Ann McConkey, Special Advisor to the Bursar, Victoria University, to conduct a review of the office.

The review is intended to advise the President on the overall effectiveness and health of the Office of the Dean of Students in its various functions, to assess the initiatives that have been developed over the last several years, and to identify the major opportunities and challenges facing the Dean of Student’s areas of responsibility with respect to both Victoria College and Emmanuel College over the next five years.  Areas of responsibility which the review may consider:

·         Leadership, vision and management

·         Staffing and administrative organization

·         Budgeting and organization

·         The delivery of student services

o   Residences and other ancillary services

o   Programs and co-curricular activities

o   Advising and counselling

o   Student societies and campus life

o   After-hours services and crisis response

The Reviewers will be consulting widely with the Victoria University community. They will visit the campus in late January/early February, meeting with members of the community and other stakeholders.

Written submissions to the Reviewers from members of the Victoria community, are also welcome; these should be sent in confidence to Gillian Pearson at by 15 February, 2019.

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