Learning with Children: Growing Our Faith Together

Alumni/ae Days 2011 was blessed to have Russell Dalton and Anne Streaty Wimberly as guest speakers and worship leaders on the topic of Learning with Children: Growing our Faith Together on May 11-12, 2011.  On Wednesday, Emeritus Professor  Wenh- In Ng and Anne Streaty Wimberly offered response to Russell Dalton's keynote on "The Ever-Changing Story" followed by discussion and questions, moderated by Professor Bill Kervin. 

The afternoon included two excellent workshops on Cultural Interpretation of Biblical stories with children and Application of Bible stories with children.  Thanks to Morar Murray Hayes for her contribution to the latter.  Professor Johanna Selles moderated the group response to Anne Streaty Wimberly's Thursday presentation, "No Longer Strangers - Conveying Hospitality, Heritage and Hope to Children". Anne Streaty Wimberley Address The event came to a moving close with a worship service where each guest speaker modeled the  ways we can engage children in worship with difficult pastoral realities and biblical texts. 

The presentation of the Distinguished Alumni/ae Award to Dr. Glenys Huws (VIC 6T5, EMM6T8) was a highlight of the Alumni/ae Luncheon which included a report from the Alumni/ae Association President, Richard Choe,  remarks from President Paul Gooch and Principal Mark Toulouse.     Nancy Hardy Introduces Glenys Huws

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