Emmanuel Faculty In Action - Summer 2011

Emmanuel College is located in the heart of Toronto’s multicultural city centre. It is no surprise then that that Emmanuel College faculty is engaged in research and instruction that takes them beyond the city to destinations around the country and the world. This summer, a number of faculty members participated in conferences, taught courses and conducted research in a wide variety of contexts:

Professor Paul Wilson spent a week in Taiwan lecturing at the Taiwan Theological Seminary and College . In June he traveled to St. Paul, Minnesota, to teach courses in the D. Min. Programs of Luther Seminary and then at McCormick Seminary in Chicago.

Professor Marilyn Legge spent nearly three weeks in British Columbia, first team-teaching a course at Vancouver School of Theology in conjunction with the United Church of Canada national conference, “
Behold! We are Many, We are One .” Prof. Legge was presented on the topic of faithful public witness as the theme speaker at the B.C. Conference General Meeting.

Professor Tom Reynolds gave a plenary address entitled "Disability and Theology: Changing the Conversation" at the conference "Theology, Disability and Human Dignity" at Stellenbosch University. At the conference, Prof. Reynolds also gave a day long seminar for faculty and students on "Memory and Tradition: Rethinking Christian Identity in a Pluralist Context."

Professor Judith Newman both attended and presented at a number of conferences in Canada and worldwide. In May, she attended the conference, “
Can you hear the drum? Aboriginal spiritualities and theological education” in Winnipeg. She chaired a session at the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies from May 29-31 in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Prof. Newman also attended the Enoch Seminar outside of Milan where she lead an exegesis of a part of 2 Baruch and met with a wide range of experts in Second Temple Judaism. In September, Prof. Newman will be travelling to the Netherlands to give a paper on the background of the notion of the Holy Spirit in the Dead Sea Scrolls at a conference at Leiden University.

Professor Bill Kervin offered an international learning experience for theological students this summer. He and the students in his TST summer course, "Pilgrimage to Iona," experienced and reflected upon the integration of worship and work, prayer and politics, while staying in the Iona Abbey of the Iona Community off the west coast of Scotland from June 18th to 25, with all-day Saturday seminars at Emmanuel College before and after.

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