Completion of Social Justice Mosaic at Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College's Peace and Justice Community Mosaic is finished. Based on input from students, staff, alumni, and community members, artists from Red Dress Productions designed a mosaic that affirms Emmanuel College's commitment to abundant life for all. "The mosaic, which community members piece together, asserts gender rights, racial equity, queer rights, indigenous-settler relations, ecological justice, and other claims, including the active resistance exemplified in Jesus' life and resurrection." More info at 

The project's sponsors were Emmanuel College, Emmanuel College Student Society, and Emmanuel College's Graduating Class of 2014. 



Photo: Emmanuel College students, staff and faculty, and artists from Red Dress Productions, worked on the Mosaic in Open Studio sessions throughout February and March.

Peace & Justice Mosaic Dedication at Emmanuel College's Community Worship, Wednesday, March 26th, with Rev. Sarah Chapman and Rev. Lauren Hodgson presiding.


Photo: Members of the Peace and Justice Committee presenting the Mosaic.

Please visit our Facebook pages for more photos from the Open Studio sessions and Mosaic Dedication:


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