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Wanda Chin





Wanda Chin, Registrar
EM 102; 416-585-4538

Jo-Ann Graham
Jo-Ann GrahamAdministrative Assistant
EM 102; 416-585-4539

Shawn Kazubowski Houston, Administrative Assistant

Shawn Kazubowski-Houston, Administrative Assistant
EM 102; 416-585-4529

Staff photo of Andrew Aitchison
Andrew Aitchison, Admissions Counsellor & Recruitment Coordinator

EM 003; 416-585-4464 

Photo of Haley Dinel 2019
Haley Dinel, Continuing Education and Events Coordinator
EM 015; 416-813-4096 




Photo of Tim Kennedy

Rev. Timothy Kennedy
The Ecumenical Chaplaincy 
at the University of Toronto
EM 016

Jeanette Unger

Jeanette Unger
Associate Chaplain
The Ecumenical Chaplaincy
at the University of Toronto
EM 016

The Very Reverend Doctor Lois M. Wilson
The Very Rev., the Hon. Dr. Lois M. Wilson
Distinguished Minister-in-Residence
EM 107
Lois Wilson's CV

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