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Emmanuel College offers Basic Degree and Advanced Degree Programs. Research is supported at Emmanuel through the Emmanuel College Library and research centres like the Centre for Asian Theology. Emmanuel students also have access to the University of Toronto Libraries.

Basic Degree Programs

Basic degrees are first professional degrees and are open to persons preparing for the Order of Ministry or to lay persons from the United Church and other denominations wishing to pursue theological study at the post-baccalaureate level. In certain circumstances, a person may study at the basic degree level as a "special status student," without being enrolled in a degree program. The College adheres to the rule of the Association of Theological Schools and the Toronto School of Theology that not more than ten percent of the total enrolment in its basic programs may be students lacking an appropriate baccalaureate degree. Only in exceptional situations, primarily those of individuals approved by the United Church as "shorter course students," are persons admitted who do not have the prerequisite undergraduate degree. All basic degree programs may include the following learning outcomes:

1. Christian Faith and Heritage

2. Culture and Context

3. Spiritual and Vocational Formation

4. Practices of Church Leadership


Advanced Degree Programs

Advanced degree programs, with the exception of the MA in Theology, are post-graduate degrees and a MDiv, MA or MTS degree is required for admission.

All applications to advanced degree programs are processed by the Advanced Degree Office of the Toronto School of Theology (TST). Applicants must choose one member school.

Students are advised to contact Vice-Principal Michael Bourgeois at Emmanuel College, preferably before the application deadline, to discuss requirements.

The deadline to apply for all advanced degree programs is January 7. Applications and all supporting documentation must be received by that date at the TST office. Late applications will be considered until March 31 if space permits.

Academics & Library