TFM Symposia Videos

If you were unable to attend any of the Symposia, videos are now available here for streaming:

OCTOBER 17th, 2012
The Role of Theological Education in the Vocation of the Minister

Opening Remarks...
Tom Reynolds  Nevin Reda  Norm Seli 

Why theological education?
Nevin Reda  Tom Reynolds  Norm Seli 

Ministry in contexts of theological pedagogy...
Tom Reynolds  Nevin Reda

Benefits of theological education beyond church contexts...
Norm Seli  Tom Reynolds  Nevin Reda 

Theological education inside the academy... beyond the academy...
Nevin Reda  Norm Seli  Tom Reynolds

Theological education  in the everyday: from theory to praxis...
Tom Reynolds  Nevin Reda  Norm Seli

Scripture's relevance to theological education...
Norm Seli  Tom Reynolds  Nevin Reda

OCTOBER 31st, 2012
Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy for the Shifting Demographics 
of North American Institutions

Ralph Carl Wushke  Imam Michael A. Taylor  Reverend Harry Nigh


 JANUARY 9th, 2013 
Self-Care and Other Care:
How to Prepare for and Manage Pastoral Burnout

When/how you first discovered the importance of self-care in your ministry...
Eileen Henderson  Mark MacLean  Wayne Walder 

FEBRUARY 27th, 2013
Beyond Charity, Aid and Development : The Problems and Possibilities of a Partnership Model

Jonathan Schmidt  Barbara Bisgrove 

Privilege and the Pitfalls of Global Partnerships (Schmidt)

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