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Welcome to Emmanuel College

Founded in 1928 and associated with the United Church of Canada, Emmanuel College is a constituent college of Victoria University in the University of Toronto. Part of the College's larger vision is to recognize that the concepts of justice, goodness and love are larger than any one particular religion or tradition can fully define. Emmanuel provides a place where dialogue and discussion can thrive in the pursuit of theological enquiry, diversity and social justice.


Connecting with Buddhist Communities

Buddhist Studies joins Muslim Studies and our historical Christian areas as a distinct professional stream at Emmanuel College. Emmanuel College is both an educational and spiritual resource for Buddhist students and Buddhist communities. The programs offered prepare persons for work as chaplains in hospitals, educational institutions, prisons, other public institutions, and in Buddhist temples and community organizations. Buddhist Studies stems from Emmanuel College's goal to foster dialogue between Buddhists and Christians, and others within the larger community.


What We Offer

Whether students are seeking enrichment, enlightenment or support, they will find resources within the programs of Emmanuel College to meet their needs. Through a variety of both degree and continuing education programs, Emmanuel embraces the concepts of education, leadership and community.

Master of Pastoral Studies - Buddhist Studies

Diploma in Buddhist Mindfulness and Mental Health


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Giving to Buddhist Studies at Emmanuel College

If you wish to support Studies in Buddhism, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs and University Advancement at 416-585-4500 or 1-888-262-9775.

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