Centre for Asian Theology


To be a theological resource and support to Emmanuel College, the Toronto School of Theology, and the Asian United Churches of the Greater Toronto Area.


1. To raise awareness of theological developments in Asia.
2. To make available works in Asian theological thought in both English and the various Asian languages.
3. To encourage and enhance scholarship in Asian theology at the Toronto School of Theology by increasing library holdings in this area; holding public lectures, forums, and workshops.
4. To provide theological support to Asian and Asian Canadian ministry personnel and laity in the United Churches of the Greater Toronto Area .

How We Came to Be

The Centre for Asian Theology was offically launched at Emmanuel College in the fall semseter of 1996, following Professor Jong-Hwa Park's initiative in fall 1993, and later with the help of President Chai-Yong Choo of Hanshin University. Provision was made for an exchange of theological books between Emmanuel and Hanshin. The ensuing Agreement of Co-operation between Hanshin and Victoria/Emmanuel, begun in 1994-95, includes student and faculty exchanges between the two institutions.

Current Activities (2012-2013)

Seminar meeting, "Exploring Faith through the Eyes of Culturally Diverse People

The Lunar New Year Luncheon Celebration Event - Feb 6, 2013 at 12:30pm

P A S T  A C T I V I T I E S
Subaltern Challenges from Asia to the Ecumenical Movement: Through an Indian Feminist Lens
A panel discussion with The Anne Duncan Gray Visiting Scholar at Emmanuel Colege, Dr. Aruna Gnanadason, with Responders Prof. Marilyn Legge and The Rev. Dr. Lois Wilson, October 2, 2014
Transcript of Dr. Aruna Gnanadason's Paper 

When Confucianism Meets Christianity: A Renowned Scholar's Encounter (video)
A lecture by Professor Stanley Jiadong Zheng, Professor of Confucianism & Chinese Philosophy and Visiting Scholar at Emmanuel College, October 1, 2013

R E S O U R C E S  A V A I L A B L E  F O R  L O A N

Theological works in Korean, a series of generous gifts from Hanshin University, are catalogued and integrated into the Emmanuel Library. So are titles from the Canadian unit ofthe Mobile Resource Case of PAACCE (Pacific Asian American Canadian Christian Education Ministries). Theological works in Chinese and other Asian languages are available for browsing in Room 107, together with newsletters, pamphlets, and materials in English on Asian and Asian-North American Theology and Ministry. Please refer to lists available at the Centre.

CCA New, quarterly publication of the Christian Conference of Asia

In God's Image: Journal of Asian Women's Resource Centre for Culture and Theology

Han Yu, newsletter of the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies (annually, in Chinese)

News and Views, quarterly newsletter of the Hong Kong Christian Council (in English)


Bible Study Resources 

Sojourners in Asian American and Biblical History (set of five from Kindergarten-Grade Two to College-Adult)

Choosing Sides: The Book of Judges from an Asian American Perspective (set of five from Kindergarten-Grade Two to College-Adult)

Birthing the Promise: Advent Reflections and Worship Resources from Many Cultural Realities” (English and Korean versions)



Asian Heritage Month Worship Resource

Foundation for Theological Education in South East Asia (FTESEA)

Pacific Asian North American Asian Women in Theology and Ministry (PANAAWTM)



Hours by appointment

For special arrangement to view the collection or borrow resources, please contact the current Research Fellow YunJung Kim at 416-585-4542.

If you have books and resources in Asian languages or in English which you think could contribute to the development of the work of the Centre, please get in touch with any member of the Advisory Committee or with any staff support member [names below].

Centre for Asian Theology Students Gathering meets on campus during fall and spring semesters. Open to all students registered at T.S.T. and their friends.

Staff Support:
Rev Dr. Mark Toulouse, Principal
Ms. Karen Wishart, Librarian

Co-Chairs of the Advisory Committee of the Centre for Asian Theology:
The Rev. Richard Choe and Rev. Dr. Wenh-In Ng
Research Fellow: The Rev. Sung Ran Kim
Emmanuel College, Victoria University
75 Queen's Park Cres. Toronto, ON M5S 1K7
tel. 416-585-4539   fax. 416-585-4516

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