Alumni/ae Service Award

The Emmanuel College Alumni/ae Association developed the Alumni/ae Service Award in 2017 to bring recognition to and honour the noteworthy accomplishments of Emmanuel College Alumni/ae. 

Award recipients will be honoured during Alumni/ae Day on Monday, May 6, 2019. Please join the community to celebrate:

Barry F.H. Cooke Emm 5T7
Bruce Gregersen Emm 9T6, 9T9
John Joseph Mastandrea Emm 8T9, 0T0
Judith (Robinson) Russo Emm 0T6
Janet L. (White) Stobie Emm 8T9

Nominate an Emmanuel Alumna/us

Nominations for the next round of Awards will be accepted until November 30, 2019. Nominate an alumnus/a today. 

Former Award Recipients

Richard G. Chambers Emm 8T6—for his work at the Multifaith Centre and interfaith community support; 
Leslie Dawson Emm 8T7—for her chaplaincy service in the Canadian military; 
Cheri DiNovo Emm 9T5, 0T2—for her work in public service and advocacy; 
John McTavish Vic 6T3, Emm 6T6—for his work in congregational ministry and writing; 
Peter Newbery, C.M., O.B.C., Vic 6T1, Emm 6T6—for his service to rural and Indigenous communities in B.C.; 
Lee Simpson Vic 7T4, Emm 0T5—for her work in publishing and congregational ministry.

Alumni/ae & Giving