Emmanuel Alumni/ae Day

Monday, May 7, 2018

Register now: my.alumni.utoronto.ca/emmday2018


Program overview:

11 a.m. Registration
Emmanuel College, 3rd Floor Lounge 

11:30 a.m. Worship with The Rev. Dr. Nancy Hardy Emm 6T8, 8T7, 1T2
Chapel, 3rd Floor

12:30 p.m. Lunch and ECAA AGM
Emmanuel College, Room 119

1 p.m. Service Awards Presentation
Emmanuel College, Room 119
Recognizing inaugural recipients:
Richard G. Chambers Emm 8T6—for his work at the Multifaith Centre and interfaith community support; 
Leslie Dawson Emm 8T7—for her chaplaincy service in the Canadian military; 
Cheri DiNovo Emm 9T5, 0T2—for her work in public service and advocacy; 
John McTavish Vic 6T3, Emm 6T6—for his work in congregational ministry and writing; 
Peter Newbery, C.M., O.B.C., Vic 6T1, Emm 6T6—for his service to rural and Indigenous communities in B.C.; 
Lee Simpson Vic 7T4, Emm 0T5—for her work in publishing and congregational ministry.

2 p.m. Workshops (choose one) 

"GC43 and Beyond" with Rev. Dr. Larry Doyle (Queen's alumnus and Chair, GC43 Planning Committee) 
An opportunity to learn and ask questions about the new business model for GC43, the governance implications of the Remits (regions, size and makeup of GCE, future commissioners, etc.), implementation plans leading into 2019, and general information about the GC meeting. Presentation and Q&A.

“Divine Agency and the Uses of Prayer” with Professor Emeritus The Rev. Dr. Peter Wyatt Vic 6T6, Emm 8T3, former principal of Emmanuel College and 2017 Distinguished Alumni/ae Award recipient
There are several live options for understanding how God is related to the creation; each has implications for what we may or may not expect of God through prayer and meditation. This exploration aims at serving worship leaders both in their public responsibility and personal devotion. Presentation and discussion.

3:15 p.m. Break

3:45 p.m. Workshops (choose one)

"Embodiment and Self-Care" with Florence MacGregor MFA,QT (embodiment and vocal coach at Emmanuel)
Heading for Burn-out? This workshop explores self care and embodiment techniques for personal health and well being. We will aim to explore a variety of vocal, physical and story telling exercises that help to prevent burn out. Utilizing innate creative instincts to rejuvenate the imagination for problem solving and play, our practice will include practical and emotional techniques to rejuvenate our bodies authentic energy. 

"IRIDESCE: The Living Apology Project" with Jess Swance (current MDiv student and ECSS chair)
This project is travelling across Canada collecting stories from people who have been and currently are affected by the United Church’s 1988 decision—when the church declared that all people, regardless of sexual orientation, were welcome as full members, and all members were eligible to be considered for ministry. During our time together, we will get a chance to explore what ‘living the apology’ means and how the collection of stories may influence how the church lives into an apology.

5 p.m. Wine-and-Cheese Reception
A.B.B. Moore Foyer, Old Vic

6 p.m. Alumni/ae Dinner
Alumni Hall, Old Vic 
Featuring the presentation of the 2017 Distinguished Alumni/ae Award to Professor Emeritus The Rev. Dr. Peter Wyatt Vic 6T6, Emm 8T3, former principal of Emmanuel College.

The cash bar will remain open following the Alumni/ae Dinner.

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