Distinguished Alumni/ae Award

The Emmanuel College Alumni/ae Association established the Emmanuel College Distinguished Alumni/ae Award in 2008 to honour and bring attention to graduates of the College whose vision and leadership have distinguished them through extraordinary and exemplary ministry to the church, academy, or society at large. Such recent or lifetime service and contribution can be at the local, national or international level.

2018 Distinguished Alumni/ae Award Recipient Announced

For lifetime achievement at the local, national and international level, The Rev. Dr. Anne Simmonds Emm 9T6 has been named this year’s winner of the Distinguished Alumni/ae Award for Emmanuel College. She has a Master of Divinity from Trinity College and a Doctor of Ministry from Emmanuel College. Simmonds serves various communities in myriad ways as a facilitator, educator, artist, former nurse and theologian. She is well known for her extensive work as a spiritual counsellor with the dying and bereaved. “It has given me a passion for encouraging people to cherish life in all its fullness, the pain as well as the joy. I am passionate about caring for individual health as well as that of the planet... my desire was to bring the lessons learned from the land of the dying, to the land of the living,” she writes. Ordained with the United Church of Canada in 1987, Simmonds served as director of chaplaincy at the former Wellesley Hospital and at Rosedale United and Metropolitan United. She is currently a spiritual director and counsellor, teaches two courses at Emmanuel college and offers retreats and workshops.  Simmonds will receive her Distinguished Alumni/ae Award at Alumni/ae Day on May 6, 2019. All are welcome to join the celebration.

Nominate an Emmanuel Alumna/us

Do you know an Emmanuel grad who is making a significant contribution to society? Nominate him or her for the 2019 Distinguished Alumni/ae Award. The nomination deadline is November 30, 2019.

Nominations are considered by a Selection Committee comprised as follows: 
Past-president of the ECAA (Chair)
President of the ECAA
Member-at-large of the ECAA
Member of the Emmanuel alumni/ae
Principal of Emmanuel College or designate
Executive Director, Alumni Affairs & Advancement or designate
Alumni Affairs Officer

Former Distinguished Alumni/ae Award Winners

S. Peter Wyatt Vic 6T6, Emm 8T3 
2017 Award Recipient 

William (Bill) Lord Emm 6T3
2016 Award Recipient 

John Thompson Emm 7T1 
2015 Award Recipient 

Nan Hudson Emm 8T9 
2014 Award Recipient 

Malcolm Sinclair Emm 7T0 
2013 Award Recipient 

C. Douglas Jay Emm 5T0 
2012 Award Receipient 

Don Gillies Emm 5T9 
2011 Award Recipient 

Glenys Huws Emm 6T8 
2010 Award Recipient 

Bessie E. Lane Emm 6T0 
2009 Award Recipient 

Bruce McLeod Emm 5T3 
2008 Award Recipient

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