2009 Award Recipient Bessie E. Lane Emm 6T0

Bessie Lane, Emmanuel College's Distinguished Alumni Award 2009 RecipientBessie E. Lane Emm 6T0 has filled many different roles for many different people over the years. She has been an educator, pastoral care provider, preacher, colleague, social activist, hospitality
giver and friend. Constant throughout, however, is the inspiration she has been to those around her. For 50 years, she has committed herself to faithful service of the church and its people, and on May 13, 2010, in recognition of a lifetime of achievements, the Emmanuel College Alumni/ae Association will honour Lane as the 2009 recipient of the Emmanuel College Distinguished Alumni/ae Award.

Lane received a master of religious education from Emmanuel while studying concurrently at Covenant College, now known as the Centre for Christian Studies. She went on to serve as the centre’s dean of residence and director of field education, and was ordained in 1976, bringing her energy and leadership to a diversity of programs in Canada and abroad.

Lane has served congregations in Vancouver as well as Lindsay, Sudbury, Whitby and Oshawa, Ont., guiding a range of activities from a lay leadership development program to the building of a new church structure. She has shared in team ministry, emphasizing leadership development, world mission, Bible
study, confirmation instruction and chaplaincy; and filled many leadership roles in presbytery and conference situations. In wider service, Lane has worked with Habitat for Humanity, taking her
to building sites in Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico and Trinidad; and with the Canadian Foundation for World Development, spending five months in Grenada distributing needed materials from Canada. She has co-led educational tours to Israel and Palestine, participated in an exposure tour to Cuba with the Christians Learning Internationally New Knowledge group, and taken part in a study tour of Amity projects in northern China.

Lane received an honorary doctor of divinity degree from Laurentian University in 1996 and, in 2006, was presented with a Companion of the Centre Award by the Centre for Christian Studies.

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