2010 Distinguished Alumni/ae Award Recipient Glenys Huws

Glenys Huws DAAOn May 12 2012, Glenys Huws, Vic 6T5, Emm 6T8, was presented with the 2010 Emmanuel College Distinguished Alumni/ae Award at a luncheon in her honour.

Huws has been actively involved in the United Church of Canada since 1968 providing leadership in both educational and outreach ministries to numerous congregations. Her career began as the director of Christian Education and Community Work at Westminster United Church in Winnipeg. The 1970s brought her back to Ontario where, in 1972, she received her MEd from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, U of T.

From 1980 to 1984, she was co-deputy secretary of the Ministry, Personnel and Education (MPE) Division at the UCC. It was here that her focus on disenfranchised groups—women, Aboriginal peoples and others without appropriate support and advocacy—took shape. From 1980 to1990, she was the staff person for the Training for Native Ministry Committee and helped to develop the community-based model for Native ministry preparation and the establishment of three Aboriginal theological centres/programs in the UCC. She taught courses in leadership development, group work, educational theory and practice, pastoral care and counseling at the Centre for Christian Studies in Toronto. In 1990, she received her EdD; her thesis focused on women and transformative education.

Through her work with various groups, she had a particular interest in Aboriginal rights and concerns and focused her leadership on equipping First Nations people for ministry in their own communities. In 1995, as director of the Francis Sandy Centre, she helped develop a program which allows its graduates to receive a Bachelor of Theology degree from Queen’s University. In the fall of 1999, she worked with the Division of Mission in Canada, UCC, but this time her focus was devoted to a task force assigned with coordinating ministries with the deaf. Under the same appointment, she staffed the national Committee on Sexism.

“I learned different cultural languages; my understanding of God was expanded. I was able to recognize my own privilege and occasionally to relinquish that privilege. I understand what happened to me as an experience of God’s grace.

In all her endeavours, she has been supported by her husband, Harry Oussoren, Emm 6T8 (pictured above) and their two sons. Emmanuel College is proud to recognize Glenys Huws. Receiving the Distinguished Alumni/Alumnae Award is particularly appropriate in view of her long career as an instrument of change in so many areas. Emmanuel College honours her fight against institutional and theological exclusion and celebrates her with pride.


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