2016 Distinguished Alumni/ae Award Recipient William Lord Emm 6T3

The Rev. William (Bill) Lord graduated from Emmanuel College 1963 and was ordained the same year. He began his ministry in Manitoba in Plumas-Lakeshore Pastoral Charge. In 1965 he moved back to Ontario to serve as associate minister of Eastminster United Church in Toronto. Bill completed his studies for the MEd in adult education from OISE in 1971.

Bill Lord 6T3

For the next 14 years he served on the staff of Toronto Conference in the areas of adult education, congregational development, continuing education and supervision of students. He moved in 1985 to become Director of Continuing Education at the Toronto School of Theology, until retirement in 2000.

He has modelled life-long learning by completing training in psychodramatic bodywork in psychotherapy, the Ignatian spiritual exercises program as well as all the course work for the EdD degree at OISE.

Having served on numerous committees and boards, including Victoria University’s Board of Regents and over 15 years on the Emmanuel College Alumni/ae Association (ECAA). Since retirement, he served for 9 years on the Board, 3 years as its chair, of Stonehenge Therapeutic Community, a treatment facility for severally addicted individuals.

Internationally, he served as President of the Society for the Advancement of Continuing Education, on the Executive of the Association of Professors and Researchers in Religious Education and as a member of the steering committee for the “Faith Development in the Adult life Cycle Research Project.” He has also participated at the national, conference, presbytery and local levels of The United Church of Canada.

Bill’s research, work and impact both in and on continuing theological education has benefited clergy, scholars and parishioners alike.

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