Emmanuel College Alumni Association

All graduates and present and former full-time faculty of Emmanuel College are members of the Alumni/ae Association. Many alumni/ae continue to connect with the College, in recognition of and gratitude for the high quality of the education they received as students preparing for ministry. Their desire that this tradition of excellent theological education continue leads them to offer time, talent and dollars to Emmanuel College. At the same time, Alumni/ae are enriched by the continuing spirit of social fellowship and the opportunity for further education.


President: Greg Daly 1T6
Past President: Bronwyn Corlett 1T0
Vice-President: vacant
Honorary President: Michelle Voss Roberts, Principal of Emmanuel College

Members at Large:
George Moore 9T7
Deb Foster 0T6, 1T4
Joanne Hedge 1T1
Maya Brathwaite 1T6
Glen Greenwood 1T3

Paul Wilson 7T9, Faculty Representative

Andrew Aitchison 1T4, Admissions Counselor & Recruitment Coordinator, on leave

Christine Henry, Admissions Counselor & Recruitment Coordinator

Haley Dinel, Continuing Education & Events Coordinator 

Jessica Swance, current student and E.C.S.S. Representative 

Louise Yearwood Vic 8T6, Executive Director of Alumni Affairs & Advancement 

Secretary: Jennifer Wells, Alumni Affairs Officer

Alumni/ae & Giving