Continuing Education

Fostering Learning Conversations that Equip and Empower

As well as offering a variety of degree programs, Emmanuel College has a mandate for continuing education: To provide ministers (both ordered and lay) with effective continuing education and formation, promoting the goal of enlivened congregations through enlivened leadership. Emmanuel carries out its continuing education program in cooperation with other colleges at TST and other theological schools, education centres and United Church congregations, presbyteries and conferences. 

In 2015, Emmanuel College and Five Oaks Education Centre established a formal partnership in Continuing Education which includes co-sponsoring and advertising some of each other's programs as well as developing new programs together. We believe that by fostering collegiality and releasing new energies for continuing education, this partnership will help us deliver rich and transformative programs. 

Betsy Anderson, serves as Co-ordinator of Continuing Education on a part-time basis. She is usually in the college on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Her office is located in EM 002 and she may be reached at 416-813-4096 or by email . Please feel free to drop in, call or send an email if you have questions or suggestions.  Planning for Continuing Education is on-going. Please send your suggestions directly to Betsy Anderson at 

Donations to the Emmanuel College Continuing Education program are greatly appreciated and help us to keep the registration fees as low as possible as well as providing half price participation for students. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation. Thank you.

Continuing Education at Emmanuel College uses the following statement as a guide for its work.  

∞ Mission ∞

To provide ministers (both ordered and lay) with effective continuing education and formation, promoting the goal of enlivened congregations through enlivened leadership.

From Report of Task Group on Con Ed  approved Emmanuel College Council, Nov. 2003

∞ Approach ∞

Fostering learning conversations that equip and empower

providing participants with an opportunity to identify and explore contemporary issues of ministry

doing so with the aid of expert leadership

offering participants information, skill, community and spirit to engage the tasks and challenges of ministry in an effective and faithful manner

Continuing Education initiatives will achieve this by fostering:

conversations that take place in communities

created on campuses actual and virtual

conversations that are denominationally inclusive,

created through collaboration where practical

conversations that are open to persons who seek such involvement for the improvement of self and others

conversations that are economically sustainable, beginning incrementally and growing as resource and partnership provide

Continuing Education initiatives will be those in which:

The educational medium is dialogical,

The context is flexible,

The content is responsive

(to the actual needs of self, church, society & environment),

The learning is measurable,

And the overall experience is considered transformative by participants

and by those who experience their leadership.

From the Emmanuel College Continuing Education Committee received/approved Emmanuel College Council, February 13, 2008


To inquire or register for events, please contact:

Betsy Anderson 
Email: or Telephone: 416-813-4096

Continuing Education