After the Baptism by Fire

Friday, May 12, 2017
10:00-2:00 in Room 108 at Emmanuel College
Using your own experience of ministry in the early years, we will apply theories of complex adaptive systems and appreciative inquiry to forge pathways that are protective of self and creative for ministry.

Early registration is encouraged so that the leader, Morar Murray-Hayes, can be in touch with registrants and plan the session to work on your biggest challenges. 

The Rev. Dr. Morar Murray-Hayes is a pastor and teacher.Influenced by a recognition of the rather chaotic nature of her life and ministry, Morar explored using principles applied from complex adaptive systems theory early in her ministry. She attributes the application of these principles to her resilience in ministry and to a relatively stable long term pastorate. She has been minister at Maple Grove United Church for thirty years.She has taught in four theological colleges in the area of the practice of ministry

Early Bird Registration by April 7, 2017 is $40 + HST
Regular Registration by May 5, $2017 is $50 + HST

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