Preacher Gym: A Sacred Playground for Creative Exploration

 Beginning and ending with prayer, this workshop invites participants to consider embodiment as an essential aspect of preaching.  Florence McGregor works within theatre and church to teach classical vocal and physical modalities to enhance performance and delivery.  Based in a deep love for the spiritual connection of text and sound within the body, this workshop will move through physical and vocal warm-ups to meditation and working with text, to think about how our verbal and physical presentation is part of the communication of a message.

Florence McGregor is an actor and teacher, life and video coach. She is thrilled to have had opportunity over the last fifteen years to offer her experience and knowledge about the spiritual connection of text and sound in the body, to those in the preaching profession.

INFORMATION: Workshop series fee is $225.00 (plus HST) Early-bird is $200 (plus HST) by December 15, 2014. Deadline for registration Friday, January 16, 2015. For further information contact Betsy Anderson 416-813-4096

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