Re-imagining the Human Story: An inter-generational dialogue on what it means to be human

Saturday, April 22, 2017
9:30 - 5:00 p.m. 
Victoria College Chapel
2nd Floor Old Vic 

Please join us for a day of conversation, exploration, fun 
and celebration of Lois Wilson's 90th Birthday!

Jane Jacobs has said that when radical cultural change hits institutions, many of them are not able to adjust quickly or radically enough to survive. We are in such a situation in Canada at the present time.  United Churches currently have aging congregations, partly because the generation under forty live in a different cultural context than their parents or grandparents. 

Many younger folk find it impossible to adopt what to them is the foreign church culture and have deserted the institutional church. Yet young people continue to ask the same questions: what is life’s meaning? What does it mean to be “holy?” What kind of world do we want?” 

Inter-generational dialogue in these matters may open doors of understanding for both old and young who speak out of their own context, and therefore understand the human story in somewhat different terms. This exchange has the potential to contribute to a current expression of what it means to be human, informed by the enduring traditions of Christian community as well as others, and shaped by those living within an entirely new context.

Re-imagining the "Holy" - Aruna Gnanadason in conversation with Anna Menzies

Re-imagining the environment - Stan McKay in conversation with Nora Casson

Re-imagining public policy - Tom Axworthy in conversation with Amir Abdul Reda

The three conversations will include time for questions and discussion.  Between dialogues, Lois Adamson will lead her troupe in three skits based on Lois Wilson's life. Artist, Jane Casson will draw what she is hearing throughout the event.  Lois will join all the conversation partners in a final panel discussion. There will be CAKE!

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On-line participation is possible through United in Learning.  Click here to register for online.


9-9.30 Registration and Booktable 

9.30    Territorial Acknowledgement – Stan McKay

 Gathering and Singing-- -Music leader: Becca  Whitla  

9.45   Welcome, Logistics and Introduction to the Day— Moderator for the day Lois  Adamson

Introductory Skit

Session One: Re-Imagining the Environment –Very Rev Stan McKay (Cree Elder from Manitoba) in conversation with Dr. Nora Casson (U of Winnipeg.). Iain Wilson Moderator

10.50 - 11.05 am  BREAK

Skit# 2  Spies and Dictators I Have Known

Session Two:  Re-Imagining the”Holy”- Aruna Gnanadason (former WCC staff from India) in conversation with Anna Menzies (Toronto/Owen Sound), Megan Houlding Moderator

12:00-12.30  Open discussion of all the morning’s issues by the 4 panelists joined by Lois

Wilson Moderator:Ruth Wilson


Grace (Dorothy Wyman)

12.30- 2 pm  Lunch Buffet and Birthday Cake.

2 – 2.15    Gathering music.  Announcements – Becca Whitla and Lois Adamson

2.15  Skit # 3 Canoe Trips I remember

Session Three: Re-Imagining Public Policy—Tom Axworthy (Senior Fellow at Massey College) in conversation with  Amir Abdul Reda (Junior Fellow at Massey College). Sarah Wilson Moderator. 

3.20- 3.40 Break

Skit #4 Feminism in Lois’Theology and Life

Final Panel featuring: Aruna Gnanadason, Anna Menzies, Nora Casson, Stan McKay, Tom Axworthy , Amir Abdul Reda, and Lois Wilson.  Jean Wilson Moderator.

4:30 pm —Closing remarks and singing

Blessing of Lois and dismissal.


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