See, Know and Serve the People within Your Reach


With Tom Bandy

This is an opportunity for congregational leaders and ministers to work with Tom Bandy and learn how to use demographic research to focus relevance in clergy and lay leadership selection; key ministries of hospitality, worship design, Christian education methods, small group affinities, and outreach; and renovations, stewardship, and communications. Clergy, boards, and ministry teams will learn how to use, interpret, and “reality check” demographic, pyschographic, and lifestyle segment research for strategic planning. The seminar introduces 70+ distinct lifestyle segments currently in North America, and explains how to apply this information to strategic planning.Lifestyle segmentation is the primary tool for “product development” and “marketing”, and can be faithfully used by churches to grow participation and magnify community impact.

Woodstock option cancelled but all are invited to participate in the event in Missisauga if interested.

Friday April 25, 2014 from10:00 am – 4:00 pm at Erin Mills United, Mississauga

See Know Serve Registration Erin Mills

Continuing Education