Centre for Religion and Its Contexts Partnership Website

Thank you for your interest in events at Emmanuel College.If you are interested in partnering with us on an event, please follow the procedures below. All partnerships must support the Vision, Mission and Values of Emmanuel College and the core academic mission of Victoria University.

Partnership Type

1.       What type of partner organization do you represent?

  a. External partner:an organization outside the University of Toronto

b. University partner: an organization within the University of Toronto

c. Emmanuel College partner: an EC faculty member, committee, or the Emmanuel College Student Society


2. What kind of partnership are you requesting?

a. We are organizing an event and would like to request

i. Financial Assistance

ii. In-Kind Assistance (such as space or A/V)

iii. Promotional Assistance

b.We would like organize and plan an event together with the Centre for Religion and Its Contexts

i. Continuing Education

ii.Speaker or speaker series


Financial Assistance

Direct sponsorship where money exchanges hands between parties; Emmanuel College is acknowledged as a sponsor, using approved Visual Identity Guidelines, in promotional materials.

1.       Offer direct financial support to a project not at Emmanuel

2.       Offer Direct financial support to a project held at Emmanuel (combines with in-kind)


Donation of services we have in house and can offer to outside groups. For the second option, if it is a fee-paying event, the administrative cost must be worked into the ticket.

1. Offer the use of a space at Emmanuel College i.e. EM107, 119, etc. 

a.       Items such as catering and AV are paid for by the partner.

2. Co-Host: Offer space and administrative help with the organization of the event

a.       Emmanuel College is acknowledged as a sponsor, using approved Visual Identity Guidelines, in promotional materials.

Promotional / communication

All Financial and In-Kind partnerships will require promotion. However, we can promote external events which are organized by partners on previous projects, or with whom we have a formal relationship

1.    Emmanuel College agrees to promote an external event online and with posters

2.       Emmanuel promotes the event, but is also active on the ground during the event

3.       Emmanuel creates and disseminates material (in conjunction with both or either Financial or in-Kind)


Event Application

Requests must be made at least 8 weeks prior to the event date. Please share the names and contact information (e-mail and phone numbers)for your group’s representatives. Within the application please describe the nature of the event, its purpose and connection to the mission of Emmanuel College, the proposed timeline and location, and the key players and their roles, (1-2 pages)

The following information is also helpful to delineate:

· Estimated attendance numbers

· A/V requirements

· Catering Requests

· Budget(including sponsorship request)

· Other Sources of Funding


Submit applications to The Committee of the Centre for Religion and Its Contexts reviews proposals and aims to respond to proposals within 10 business days of their submission. In that time, we may contact you for further information or clarification. 


Both parties will sign a contract in order to confirm roles and responsibilities, affirm shared values, and finalize event details.


The Centre for Religion and its Contexts