Emmanuel Days 2013

The Rise of the Post-Human: Where Is The Gospel?

Finding their way into the narratives of video games, hit television series and blockbuster movies, images of the post-human are fast becoming a part of our cultural milieu. Imagined and suspected evolutions of the human form are all around us. From the rise of the machines through recent advances in robotics and cybernetics, to the rise of zombies, vampires and comic book superheroes in cinema and fiction, many of us have witnessed representations of the post-human and perhaps never realized it.

The rise of the post-human represents a new age for us, our children and future generations. These images of the post-human shape the way we relate to each other, the things we value, what we believe and our understanding of what it means to be human. Is there more to this reality than just an "us vs. them" mentality where "human" is pitted against ones who are "less than human?" What might the rise of the post-human say to us about current social realities and human relationships? Is Jesus Christ in the mix? Where is the Gospel?

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