"The 19th Century Jesus and the Rise of Nationalism"

The 19th Century Jesus and the Rise of Nationalism Lecture Text

The 19th Century Jesus and the Rise of Nationalism


Professor Halvor Moxnes


Halvor Moxnes is a professor of New Testament at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo and an ordained pastor in the Church of Norway (Lutheran). His main works have been within the theology of St. Paul, the Gospel of Luke, and lately, in studies of the historical Jesus and especially their political relevance. The lecture is based on his present research project on presentations of the historical Jesus in the 19th century in the context of the emerging nationalism in Europe. He has been engaged in international collaboration among professors and students,

especially the INATE Network (International Network of advanced theological education), in which also Emmanuel college took part. He has enjoyed the hospitality of Emmanuel college several times and feels Toronto as one of his second homes.

Books in English:
Putting Jesus in his Place: The Historical Jesus in the Context  of Household and Kingdom . 2003

The Economy of the Kingdom. Social Conflict and Economic Relations in Luke’s Gospel, 1988.

Theology in Conflict: Studies in Paul's understanding of God in Romans. 1980.

Edited  or co-edited:


Jesus beyond Nationalism. 2009.

Constructing early Christian families: Family as social reality and metaphor, 1997.


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