Canadian Certificate in Muslim Studies

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Emmanuel College’s Canadian Certificate in Muslim Studies is a non-degree continuing education program for adults seeking to acquire more knowledge about Canadian society and to increase skills in practical areas. Through the lenses of Muslim religiosity, a Canadian focus will provide a unifying platform upon which diverse Muslim perspectives can centre, within a safe, respectful and engaging learning environment. The combination of core and elective courses will give graduates of the full Certificate program an increased knowledge of Canadian society, as well as a helpful understanding of issues related to Muslim identity in Canada. A greater understanding of Canada's pluralistic society will also enhance a participant's workplace performance. By gaining a deeper appreciation for the interaction among diverse secular and religious communities in Canada, people of faith, or no faith, will come to a greater understanding of themselves and their place in 21st century Canada.

Courses associated with the Certificate are part of Emmanuel College's continuing education program and do not require prerequisites, prior degrees or other academic preparation. Students may register for one or more courses of their choice and receive an affidavit of completion for each individual course. All are welcome to register for any individual course or group of courses.

Students who are interested may also choose to complete The Canadian Certificate of Muslim Studies. The Certificate program is composed of four core and four elective courses and will take a minimum of two years to complete. During 2013, Emmanuel College will offer three core and three elective courses.  Please check the website for up-to-date information:

Religious Pluralism in Canada, instructor Asma Bala;
Religion and Public Policy In Canada, instructors, Roshan Jahangeer and Hanny Hassan
Law and Islamic Law in Canada, instructors, Aisha Amjad, Anver Emon

Understanding Diversity in Qur’anic Interpretation in the Canadian Context. (to be offered 2014)

Elective Courses (some examples):

Constitutional Faith: Charter Rights & Religion in Canada (joint with Noor Cultural Centre, instructor Professor Benjamin L. Berger);
Spiritual Care in Individual/Family Contexts, instructor, Nighat Gilani and Doris Elharchali;
Fiqh of Muslim Minorities in Canada (joint with Institute of Islamic Thought, instructor, Sheikh Kutty;
Spiritual Care in Institutional Settings; (2014)
Leadership and Ethics; (2014)
Media Relations; (2014)
Religious Accommodation in Workplaces and Schools. (2014)


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