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Dawn Mission Statement

Inspire Canadian Muslims through education and civic engagement to achieve their full potential and to build bridges of understanding.

Operational Philosophy

Excellence in learning through:

  • Promoting research and publication of books
  • Developing materials and courses for educators
  • Community engagement through training and dialogues: Community leaders training to encourage civic participation and integration in a pluralistic society while maintaining cultural identity
  • Symposia and workshops on modern Islamic thought
  • Academic and scholarly excellence through: Endowed chairs and lectureships in Islamic studies
  • Funding of quality research in the Islamic faith and culture
  • Awards for excellence in modern Islamic thought
  • Scholarships, bursaries and grants for the study of the Islamic faith and culture

Board of Directors:

Dr. Cassim Degani
Dr. Cassim Bhabha
Mr. Nabil Harfoush
Mr. Nizar Kanji
Mrs. Roshan Jamal, CA
Mr. Hanny Hassan
Mr. Sajjad Ebrahim

Continuing Education