The Muslim Studies programme at Emmanuel College emerged in a context of interfaith friendship and Christian hospitality. Nevin Reda El-Tahry and Susan Harrison, working together in a Scriptural Reasoning Seminary at Victoria University, expressed interest in creating a Muslim chaplaincy program within the Toronto School of Theology. Principal Mark Toulouse, beginning in the summer of 2008, engaged in conversations with members of the Muslim community: In August 2009, the principal’s office created a vision statement for the program. In February 2010, Emmanuel College announced the creation of the Muslim Studies Program consisting of both continuing education and an academic program to prepare Muslim chaplains.  

The first iteration of the continuing education program was a certificate program in Muslim studies, for which Dr El-Tahry served as the first co-ordinator.  The Certificate programme ran from 2010-2014.  For a listing of the courses that were offered, click here.

In 2011, Emmanuel created a Muslim Studies track to the Master of Pastoral Studies (MPS) program.  The MPS is a twenty-credit degree program that allows students to specialize in one of two areas: either Social Service or Spiritual Care.  Students may register in the program on a part-time basis and may take up to eight years to complete it.

The Spiritual Care stream is a professional master’s program that prepares graduates to be certified with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care as chaplains who provide spiritual care (public chaplaincy) in hospitals, educational institutions, prisons, congregations and mosques, and the armed forces.

The Muslim Studies: Social Service stream is often pursued for personal enrichment, or as preparation for work in non-profit agencies. Graduates in this stream may be leaders in spiritual or cultural communities or pursue careers in social service and community-based agencies and organizations.

Emmanuel's Muslim Continuing Education  program now focuses on hosting public lectures and workshops on compelling topics of interest to the Muslim (and wider) community.  To see a list of past events related to the Muslim program, click here.

Continuing Education