A list of past events related to the Muslim Studies program


January 22, 2012, lecture by Ingrid Mattson, “Rooting a Canadian Muslim Identity,” to mark launching of Prayer Room

· February 28, 2012, lecture by John Thatamanil, “The Promise of Religious Diversity: Dialogue After Religion”

· “Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy for the Shifting Demographics of North American Institutions,” TFM Symposium, with Imam Michael A. Taylor, Shauna Mayer, and Ralph Carl Wushke, moderated by TFM Fellow Erin Green (http://www.emmanuel.utoronto.ca/academics/TFM/TFM_Symposia_Videos.htm), October 31, 2012.


· “Reading Scriptures Together Across Religious Difference,” Susan Kennel Harrison, January 27, 2013

· “The Last Rite: A documentary and discussion between Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism,” February 28, 2013

· “Christian-Muslim Relations in the West Indies,” lecture at Emmanuel by Professor Henley Bernard, United Theological College of the West Indies, Jamaica, March 13, 2013,

· Christian-Muslim Interfaith Service, Emmanuel College, October 16, 2013, and February 26, 2014.

· Emmanuel Reads: Anver Emon, Professor of Islamic Law, Law School of U of T, Religious Pluralism and Islamic Law: Dhimmis and Others in the Empire of Law, November 6, 2013.

· March 13-14, 2013, Emmanuel College co-sponsorship of Tariq Ramadan lecture in NF 003, and seminar on “Anti-semitism and Islamophobia” in Anthropology the next morning

· Sponsored and attended the Annual Meeting of Muslim Chaplains in Canada, Emmanuel College, November 16, 2013.


· “Islamophobia, Justice, and Pluralism,” Dr. Omid Safi Lecture at Bader Theatre, Victoria University, February 9, 2014 – co-sponsored with Ismaili Council of Ontario.

· Dr. Omid Safi Lecture at Emmanuel College, “Rumi and the Sufi ‘Religion of Love:’ Love as GPS of Divine Secrets,” February 11, 2014.

· “The Tents of Abraham: Home and Hospitality in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam,” co-sonsored with the Noor Cultural Centre and the University of Toronto Multi-Faith Centre for Spiritual Study and Practice, March 30, 2014.

· Muslim Intrafaith Panel on Social Justice, Emmanuel, April 3, 2014, moderated by Imam Habeeb Ally, with panelists Imam Badat of the Islamic Foundation, Dr Liyakat Takim from McMaster University and Dr Mir Baiz Khan from the Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Eduation Board for Canada; panelists shared the Sunni, Shia Ithna Ashari, and Shia Ismaili perspectives on social justice.

· Emmanuel College sponsored dialogue between Imam Shabir Alli and Dr. John Dominic Crossan, “The Historicity of Jesus,” Medical Sciences Building, University of Toronto, April 5, 2014.

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