Shaikh Habeeb Alli

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Shaikh Habeeb Alli originates from Guyana where he studied and worked in a bank. He later pursued his graduate studies in India. He returned to Guyana after completing a Masters in Islam and Arabic Language along with a diploma in Journalism.

He has authored thirteen books on Islam and poetry, including one on the environment, a topic he has presented on widely.

In addition, Imam Alli has published numerous articles and has been a guest lecturer at many conferences. He is often invited in the media to speak on Islam and contemporary issues within the Canadian context. Habeeb Alli is a member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians, Secretary of the Canadian Council of Imams, Governor at the Canadian International Peace Project, an Executive at the Canadian Guyanese Writers Association, an executive member of the Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition, a Federal Chaplain.

He is also an honorary director for the Moeen Centre for Persons with Disabilities and GTA Faith Alliance. Mr. Alli is the Muslim consultant to Trillium Gift of Life, Ontario. He presently teaches Arabic Language at Centennial College and Emmanuel College, Toronto. Habeeb is Co-Chair of OIKOS- Caring for the Environment Network; Director of the Abraham Festival in Peterborough and member of the Muslim Restorative Justice network.

In Imam Alli’s own words: “When I received the call to teach the Arabic language in this program, I was excited and thankful: excited that I'm getting to teach in an area where I have spent my life both learning and teaching, and grateful that I'm able to participate in a program for which I served as a consultant as it was developed. This course fills a void by addressing Islamic faith as it is contextualized within Canadian values and laws. Emmanuel has surely taken a bold and meaningful step in this direction.”


Realities Under the Stars, Unique Remedy Publications, Guyana, 2005

Canadian Fiqh: Understanding Islam, Blue Tree, Toronto, 2006

Passions of Eldorado, Blue Tree, Toronto, 2007

Hard Look at Contemporary Islam, Blue Tree, Toronto, 2008

Happiness: Naked Truths, Blue Tree, Toronto, 2009

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